Vienna, the city of love!

Vienna - The new Paris? - Vienna, the city of love!

Vienna is known for its lively nightlife.
If you have a business meeting in Vienna and search locally for an attractive accompaniment for the evening and the night, then chances are to find your dream girl, fantastically.
Our charming escort ladies accompany you through the city in order to reveal them romantic promenades, idyllic Platzerl, hidden alleys, cozy arbours and wild places.
Vienna formidable a classy Casino, good restaurants and numerous bars are well known on the Austrian borders, Club - discos with lively nightlife, scene-Local for those seeking lots of fun.
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Wienblick mit Reichsbrücke, Franz-von-Assisi-Kirche und Wiener Wurstelprater

Schönbrunn is very inviting for a walk and much more.

This opened in 1882 Schönbrunn Palm House is the most prominent of the four plants in homes Schönbrunn Palace Gardens.
The Schoenbrunn Palm House is the last and largest of its kind on the European continent.
Visit the Palm House, Butterfly House, the zoo or the Schönbrunn Palace with one of our lovely ladies on your side.

Schönbrunn - Palmenhaus

Vienna View from the Kahlenberg.

After a very eventful history the old Kahlenberg Hotel has been canceled and replaced by a new apartment hotel with spacious panoramic terrace of 2003.
There are special moments that require exclusivity and luxury.
A romantic dinner for two on Vienna Cafe Restaurant Kahlenberg ( TEL +43/1/328 15 00/700 ), this is an incomparable experience.
Enjoy this moment with one of our beautiful ladies.

Wienblick vom Kahlenberg

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