Carla - Vienna Escort

You want a lady next to sports activities as well as the cultural delights just as open to
you is in the escort service, such as the sensitive intimacy and romance?
Then learn more about our escort lady Alice know.
She is so open-minded and interested in many things that boredom is a foreign word.
What I care deeply, are reliability, loyalty, punctuality and discretion.
Enjoy their humorous and communicative style.
For other information please contact them over the phone:
Phone +43 676 502 48 77

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Age   23 years
Hair color   brown
Eye color   brown
Height   66.14 inches
Weight   105.82 lbs
Bust   29.53 cup B
Figur   slim
Lenguages   english
Nationality   EU
Smoker   no
Tatoos - Piercing   no

Our team responds to all your requests and questions, and find for every occasion the right, erotic solution.
For further information please contact us by phone
+43 676 502 48 77 available.